Wednesday, 30 March 2011

San Roque Elementary School

"One fine day"

"Summer Silence"

"Dream Big, Fly High"

Rice Fields

" Rice fields in green"

"Almost bloom"

"The fruit of labor"

Harvest season is the anticipated times in our province. The rice fields turned to gold. For the farmers it is the time when they can finally get their share after three to four months of hard work.

Why Photo Blog

I created this blog to share the unseen beauty of my place Catanduanes. Half of my life I lived away from my province. I’ve been to cities and witnessed how the place embraced the change in the power of high technology. I’ve been to other country and been a part of the busy world. But in spite of all the glamour and spotlight, I still want to go back to my root.

This blog is my way of re-connecting with my Island Catanduanes. This will be my photo blog. I’ll post photos of my place and my journey in between captured by my lens. I am not a professional photographer nor had a background in photography. I will just simple share images that I captured.

My main goal is to promote how simple it is to live in my place, contrast to the world I lived for quiet sometime. It is my way also of staying connected to my friends who lives miles away.